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Continental's Powertrain Testing Facility Becomes Fully Oper

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The completion of this cutting-edge facility maximizes Continental's capability to develop powertrain technologies customized for the Chinese market and underlines its commitment to grow in Asia.
Shanghai, China, March 29, 2011 The international automotive supplier Continental AG today announced that the powertrain testing facility at its Automotive Tech Center in the Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai, has entered full operation. The facility will develop vehicle applications and conduct system tests on our new technology and products customized for the Chinese OEM market. All engine systems solutions will be tested in Jiading, from Gasoline to Diesel, from Euro IV to Euro V and VI.

With the goal of obtaining 25% of its total sales in Asia by 2013, Continental built the Automotive Tech Center in Jiading in April, 2009 to serve as one of its main Asia tech centers supporting the Chassis & Safety and Powertrain Divisions in reinforcing their leading roles in China. This is part of Continental's ambitious growth plan in China. In this prosperous automotive market, Continental wants to grow its business over-proportionally based on intensified localization of R&D, sourcing and production competence.

Occupying around 26 "Mu" (1 "Mu" equals approximately 667 m2) in the middle of Shanghai’s new automotive hub, it plays an important role in expanding local R&D talent pool, building up local R&D competence and optimizing R&D cost for the Asian OEMs. With 200 employees here the Automotive Tech Center develops products and solutions with better quality, cost-effective high-performance and more innovative technologies, with the aim to further improve driving safety, reduce traffic fatalities, increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions for the local market. With its scalable and modular product portfolio, Continental is particularly well-equipped to meet the wide range of customer requirements, from small and medium-sized to premium cars.

The powertrain testing facility which mainly hosts R&D engineering and calibration teams for engine systems, plays a strategic role in further enhancing the competitiveness of the Powertrain Division. About 100 employees will work at the powertrain testing facility to better serve the OEMs in China, in collaboration with the rest of powertrain team on Dalian road, Shanghai and Changchun.
The powertrain testing facility consists of two floors, and the entire lab space takes up more than 2,000 square meters. It’s equipped with the state-of-the-art testing equipment,, including dynamic engine test beds and chassis roller benches with environmental test chamber for the stand alone engines as well as for the completed powertrain test on full vehicles.

Mr. Volker Warnecke, Senior Vice President of Powertrain China and Korea, commented, “Making driving more affordable and environmentally acceptable while still providing drivers with optimum comfort and an enjoyable driving experience is the primary objective of our division. With the testing equipment now in place and all new or adjusted parts being tested here, we work constantly to make this a possibility by intergrating innovative and efficient systems solutions for drive trains into all vehicle classes with parts by Continental, which enhances driving safety and comfort, as well as reduces carbon emissions levels in China. We are actively dedicated, in short, to adding value for our customer base here in China. Integrating our new R&D capabilities from the Jiading Automotive Tech Center will certainly add value for our customers; with their new collaboration at this testing facility, the powertrain teams can now deliver even more cost-effective and efficient systems and components for our local customers.”