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About the exhibition

The 18th Guangzhou International Auto Interiors and Exteriors Fair 2020


October 13-15, 2020
Pazhou International Sourcing Centre,Guangzhou,China

Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
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● Best business opportunities——AIEF 2020 will be held during the period of the “Canton Fair”, the “First and Foremost Expo of China”. About more than 200,000 buyers from more than 100 countries and regions all over the world attend the fair each year. We will take full advantage of the vast resources of global buyers of the Canton fair in various ways and channels. Meanwhile, with the organizing committee customer relation invitation system, we will send invitations to more than 300,000 buyers at home and abroad, to interact with buyers of the “Canton Fair”, to promote our Expo with the power of the “Canton Fair”, and to make up for the inadequacy of the “Canton Fair” domestic sales, forming the function of “domestic & overseas, supplementing each other”. Relying on the huge attendance of the “Canton Fair”, hundreds of thousands of buyers from home and abroad will gather in the Expo, booming both domestic sales and exports. The Expo, with unlimited business opportunities and inestimable market potential, and showing great business opportunities, will be an important platform for developing domestic and foreign markets! 

● Prime location——The Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Center is just across a road from the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. It has been seamlessly butted with the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, connecting exhibition areas of similar products of Canton Fair and forming perfect connections. The Sourcing Center is just more than 200 meters away from Exit A of Pazhou Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 8, providing transportation convenience for domestic and foreign customers’ visit, purchase, negotiation and transaction.

● Purchase team——The Expo will invite numerous Auto Interiors and Exteriors industry buyers, suppliers and international famous purchasing logistics associations of China, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries all over the world, to organize and lead delegations to the Expo for visit, purchase, negotiation and transaction.

● Exhibition returns——You can: communicate face to face with all domestic and foreign purchasing decision makers, make deals with potential customers, expand brand influence among professional customers; establish domestic and overseas distribution network, develop domestic and foreign markets; show your new products, new technologies; develop new markets; know your competitors and the industry trends; know the latest international technology and information; make appointments with old customers and develop new business.

● Organizers——The Expo, being co-organized by a number of organizers at home and abroad, is an international brand event of Auto Interiors and Exteriors industry held by Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co., Ltd, according to the principle of "Specification, Internationalization and Branding". The Expo has both government support and participation of industry authorities. During the Expo, leaders from the ministry of commerce and the provincial and municipal governments, and industry authorities will visit the Expo and attend the opening ceremony.

● High-end foru——The organizing committee will invite domestic and overseas authoritative specialists in Auto industry to discuss the latest status and development trend of the domestic and overseas Auto Interiors and Exteriors,give deep reports on current development situation and problems of China’s Auto Interiors and Exteriors sector,give study reports on market situation of China’s Auto Interiors and Exteriors sector and lectures on product development and technical renovation.We shall arrange enterprises with favorable influences in international Auto Interiors and Exteriors fields to introduce enterprises’ products and the latest technical trend. It plans to invite high ranking governmental officials, related specialists, scholars, representatives of well-known international institutions,well-known auto product suppliers, purchasers, representatives of China’s Auto Interiors and Exteriors & post market enterprises, and other professional visitors to attend the exhibition. Sector guidance and authority are anticipated. It will serve as a weathervane of the development,international exchange and cooperation of China’s Auto Interiors and Exteriors industry. It will be an optimum platform to obtain information on Auto Interiors and Exteriors industry and master international market opportunities.

※ Introduction to Expo
Currently China has an auto population of as high as 250 million, and, according to estimate, this figure will have exceeded 260 million by 2020. It is also estimated that China’s annual auto production and sales will both reach 40 million in 2019, and will both have exceeded 45 million by 2020, and that China will thus truly become the largest auto market in the world. Auto Accessories constitute the developmental basis of the auto industry, and the Auto Accessories supporting and after-sales service market is an essential part of the auto market. The rapid development of China’s auto industry has provided a solid industrial basis and powerful market support for its Auto Accessories industry, and will create a super large-scale market output of 3 trillion RMB.

As the focus of auto market, Guangzhou has the largest auto production base and auto industry cluster in China, and has taken the lead in China in terms of the growth rate of auto consumption for three consecutive years. 2020 is the first year of the “13th Five-year Plan” period, and also the year witnessing the growth of China’s auto industry into a superpower. Besides the early signs of the trends of increasingly optimized industrial resources allocation and gradually rationalized industrial layout, the industrial development is undergoing the transition from the increase of production and sales to the leap of quality. Particularly, under the guiding principles of laying a solid industrial foundation and promoting healthy development, the Auto Accessories industry has been elevated to the status of the primary development object in the auto industry chain, and, it is estimated that, relying on resources inclination, policy support and industrial regulation and following the vigorous development of vehicle production and consumption in the past decade, China’s Auto Accessories industry will see a golden period of fundamental transformations in the coming five to ten years.

Benefited from the rapid development of China’s auto industry and the ongoing shift of the global Auto Accessories industry chain to China, The 18th Guangzhou International Auto Interiors and Exteriors Fair 2020(AIEF 2020) has evolved into an international top-grade brand expo. Backed by the resources of the auto industry and the largest potential market in the world and based on the developmental status and market demands of the Auto Accessories industry both at home and abroad, “AIEF 2020” has inherited and extended the successful experience of previous expos, and, with the encouragement and support of governmental sectors and industrial associations at all levels and the meticulous organization and planning by the sponsor, it will present a new appearance in Guangzhou, comprehensively exhibit the latest products, achievements and future developmental directions of the auto field. It will also be covered by more than 100 cooperative media in all aspects.

Continuously adhering to our principles of “brand highlighting, constant innovations, substantial results and strengthened services” and relying on our unique creativity, scientific organization & management and excellent services, we will provide a “professional, international and branded” exhibition and exchange platform for both Chinese and foreign exhibitors according to a brand-new concept, create more cooperative opportunities for the global Auto Accessories and aftermarket industry, energetically gear China’s Auto Accessories products to the global purchasing system, and achieve win-win result and common development through coordination and cooperation with various auto industries across the world.

※ Exhibition Categories
◆ Interior system: instrument panel assembly,seat systems, door interior systems, security systems, information display system,the internal cover (door trim, roof interior, column interior, the side wall and around the circumference interiors), the interior lighting systems, in-car acoustic systems, and related automotive interior solutions and so on.

◆ Interior products: interior accessories, automotive carpet (mat), car cushion, seat cover, headrest,hand sets, armrest, anti-theft lock, seat belts, the sun stalls and decorative supplies, surface covered with ornaments, curtains, etc.

◆ Exteriors products: bumper, car light, wheel casing, header, fender, outer panel, bumper cover, hood, rearview mirror, windscreen wiper, adhesive tape and panel, body decoration, etc.

◆ Interior materials: leather, textile, non-woven fabrics, linens, flocking fabric, non-woven materials; noise insulation/heat insulation/shock absorption/flame retardant materials; adhesives tapes, gaskets and sealing products, fastening scheme; rubber and plastic materials and products, engineering plastics, modified plastics; polyurethane materials, resins, foam, glass steel, fiber composites, functional polymer materials, etc.

◆ The interior of raw materials and chemical products: plastics, polyurethane, elastomers, inks, coatings, resins, glue, color masterbatch, particles, additives and so on.

◆ Interior processing technology and equipment: interior softwood cutting and cutting equipment, interior mold and manufacturing technology; automotive polyurethane technology equipment; new processes and technologies of automotive plastic; assembly tools includes analysis, testing, processing technology; appearance technology and color products [such as in-mold decoration (IMD)]; striae processing technology; positioning and fastening systems; stamping or die-cutting technology processing; related injection molding, slush molding, suction cover, extrusion, molding, pressing, skin, spraying, plating, welding and other technical equipment and instrumentation.

◆ Other: Interior concept and design, interior and exterior trim manufacture of associated products and services.
Participation Fees
Standard Booth (Should be added 10℅ charge if ordering two-sided opening standard booth)

Booth categories Standard Booth Indoor Raw Space
Domestic enterprise CNY 12900/one CNY 1290/m²
Oversea enterprise USD 403500/one USD 350/ m²
Remarks: 1) Space of 36m² is the minimum renting quantity; 2) Cost of construction management:28 CNY/m²; 3)Standard booth disposes materials including partition walls of three sides; one desk, two chairs; one stand garbage can; basic lighting (2 lamps) and one 13 amp power point(5A/220V) .
Journal advertising(The proceedings are printed with the colored art paper precisely, which size is: 130mm×210mm)。

Front cover: CNY 30000 Inside front cover and inside back cover: CNY 12000
Title page: CNY 10000 Black and white page: CNY 3000
Back cover: CNY 20000 color trans page : CNY 15000
color page: CNY 6000 500 introduction: CNY 2000
Other advertising

Arched door: CNY 20000 /one balloon: CNY 5000/one
entrance ticket: CNY 50000/100000 pieces invitation card: CNY 20000/50000
handbag: CNY 20000/2000 lady serving at ceremony: CNY 500/person/day
Colored flag: CNY 600/one Flower basket: CNY 300/one
● Technology exchanging and Product technology briefing conference:
CNY 8000/40 minutes/onemeeting(providing site,light,sound equipment,desk-chair equipment).

● Registration fee for a conference:
CNY 1000/person (including souvenir, lunch, drink).

● Sponsor:
Limited in three sponsors. Detailed references are available on request. (For detailed information, please refer to the index).

※ Targets Visitors
Car manufacture, Car redoing factory, car equipment manufacture, car articles and parts manufacture, trader, agent, dealer, terminal user, Car industry zone, car article and parts market, supermarket, chain store, automobile Maintenance Center, garage, doughnut store, automobile maintenance and beauty centre, automobile performance detecting station, automobile marketplace dealer, car industry elite, automobile service industry, automobile amateur, club, business institutions authority medium , automobile traffic branch, government departartments in charge of car industry, automobile industrial association, professional media etc.

※ Exhibition schedule
Registration and installation of exhibits:October 11-12, 2020
Exhibition time:October 13-15, 2020
Dismantle of exhibits:October 15, 2020

※ Participation procedure
● The applicant should fill in the “Participating-exhibition application” carefully, the person in charge must sign and seal it, and then fax them with business license to the committee. Transfer the fee in advance(or 50% deposit) to the assigned account number within seven days after applying, then assure the place for exhibition, and pay off the balance before October 1, 2020.

● If the participant wants to transfer the exhibition stand to other companies without  permission, the sponsor has the right to revoke his exhibition booth and won’t return participation fees. Uproot fake, inferior and tort goods;If the participant’s exhibits do not assort with exhibition requirements, the sponsor will reserve the right of disqualifying and not returning participation fees.

● Stand and Advertising are arranged by the subcommittee, our distribution principles: “apply first, pay first, get first” The assistant unit will be given priority arrangement; the finial right for stands adjustment will be reserved by subcommittee. Without the permission, the qualification of exhibition will be withdrawn if the businessman wants only to transfer the exhibiting place, uproot fake and inferior goods.

● After transfering all fees, the participants fax the transfer bank receives to subcommittee for reference. Invoice will be issued by the subcommittee financial section in the spot or post  according to your request. The fee for exhibition will not be returned if they resign during the course. If the exhibition stops because of some unresisting factors (such as war, nature disaster, epidemic situation, administrative decree), both sides needn’t abey to the contract, and ascertain responsibility of the other side’s breaking the contract, the fees of the participants will be returned.

● The Admission Notice and handbook about participating in the exhibition will be posted, sent or e-mail to all the participants before one month of the exhibition.


Welcome you all to participate in the exhibition. Applications and registrations are now being processed and please contact the organizing committee.It is better to make full use of AIEF 2020 to consolidate your position on the market.